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Car valuation is important not only for car sellers but also for buyers. While car sellers can get the near accurate estimate of their cars to make the best deal, but car buyers can also take advantage of valuation by determining the car's resale value few years down the line. We are one of the largest companies in UK for providing free car valuation for used, new or even classic cars. All you need is to enter the car registration number of your car. Our car valuations are based on some of the most impeccable sources in the trade; right from the dealers to private sales experts and from classified advertisements to used cars auctions. Our car valuation technology is certainly a breakthrough in the industry that provides you the most accurate estimate of your car by just entering the registration number.

Can't sell your car ? try our tips and advice

Selling used cars is a tricky business. Most of the times, the buyers can reject your car by merely looking at its externals without even test drive it, and on the other times, even if the buyer is ready to buy the car, he is not ready to pay the right price for the car. So what should be the perfect solution? How can you find the perfect buyer for your car who not only buys your car in the first meeting itself, but also willing to pay the right price? This requirement demands an unbiased system, which could serve both buyers and sellers. The system should be fair enough and technologically advanced enough to make car buyers and sellers trust in it. Car valuation is one such system. Car valuation system allows both buyers and sellers to agree upon the estimated price of the used car and resolve any conflicts that may arise. However, car valuation system can only help you to get the right estimate of your used car, and it doesn't help anyway in making the actual sales. As they say, "experience is the best teacher", we are in the business for a long time now, and we can teach you a thing or two about selling used cars. Here, are few of our time tested and really effective tips that you can use to sell your old car.

  • Get your car serviced and washed before putting it on auction for sale. As most of the buyers look at the external conditions of a car, to get a clue about its working, it's wise to make the first impression as good as possible.
  • Make sure to change the Break oil, shield wiper oil and engine oil. This will help in providing smooth test drive experience to the prospective buyers.
  • Get all the documents ready pertaining to the maintenance of the car.
  • If you have everything in order, the last important tip is; never try too hard to sell your car. The customer may smell something fishy, and he can cancel the whole deal right away. In some cases, customers may want to take advantage of your desperation to sell the car. Instead, you should never compromise on the asking price. You should always pretend that you don't care, and you have a lot of other customers also, in case, he is not interested in making the purchase.